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The effect of Hand Cream and Protect your hands

Jun 10, 2020

The effect of Hand Cream and Protect your hands

Hand cream is a skincare product that can heal and smooth skin cracks and dryness, and can effectively prevent and treat rough and cracked hands in autumn and winter. Frequent use in autumn and winter seasons can make hands' skin more delicate and moisturized.

Choose hand creams to avoid choosing products containing spices, pigments, and irritating ingredients. For example, some of them contain lavender oil, which will irritate the skin, especially if you have wounds on the skin, it is not easy to heal. Barbed, peeling and cracked hands are recommended to choose products containing antioxidants, cell communication factors, soothing agents, and also avoid irritating ingredients such as flavors and pigments.

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Hand Protection

1. When purchasing hand-cleaning products, you should pay attention to the ingredients containing vitamin E and vitamin B, and avoid buying products with too strong alkalinity.

2. Before going out during the day, in addition to facial sunscreen, hands should also be coated with SPF sunscreen products to prevent UV damage, sun wrinkles, and dark spots.

3. When you wash dishes and clothes, you should contact with chemical products. Remember to wear gloves first to avoid your hands being injured by the soap of detergent.

4. Do hand exfoliation once a week, use hand-specific scrub supplies to remove the aging cuticles, and let your hands restore smoothness.

5. Use sleep time to strengthen hand nourishment, apply moisturizing hand cream with strong moisturizing power before going to bed, and wear gloves with high air permeability to facilitate absorption.

6. When applying hand cream, it can strengthen and rub the joints of fingers.

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