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How to use eye cream properly

May 20, 2020

How to use eye cream properly

How to use eye cream

Use the ring finger to dip the eye cream of the size of mung beans, first tap under the eyelid, the other hand gently pull down the lower eyelid of the eye a little, its main function is to smooth the fine lines of the eye, so that the eye cream penetrates into these fine lines in. Gently massage the inner corners of the eyes, upper eyelids, eye ends, and lower eyelids in a circular motion to fully absorb the skin. Generally massage about 4 ~ 5 circles. Finally, with the ring finger of both hands, gently tap the corresponding eye, especially the part of the eye bag, which helps blood circulation and reduces dark circles. Lisson Packaging combines the instrument with the packaging, and introduces a zinc alloy eye cream tube and a ceramic head eye cream tube to release your hands and double the massage effect.

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(1) Eye cream should be applied to the entire skin around the eyes, not just the corners of the eyes

The corner of the eye is the most susceptible part of aging, but it is not to say that the earliest part of the eye is the corner of the eye.

(2) Eye cream should be used sooner rather than later

The eyes are facing the computer for a long time, the eyes are too tired, and they have entered aging in advance, and the eye cream care is easy not too late.

(3) Eye cream is not a panacea, it can only alleviate the problem, but not solve it

Eye cream cannot solve the problems of aging and wrinkles, but can only delay and condition the existing skin to the ideal state.

(4) Eye cream and face cream should not be confused

The cream has large molecules and is not easily absorbed by the skin around the eyes, so it cannot replace eye cream, and it should be applied before the cream

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