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  • UV discoloration, Sunscreen Cream Tube

    UV discoloration, Sunscreen Cream Tube

    Mar 27, 2020

    UV discoloration, more comprehensive sun protection in summer Sun protection is a way to prevent skin tanning, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, pigmentation, and photoaging in summer. Ultraviolet rays can easily make the skin yellow and black, cause pigmentation, increase pigmentation, and easily lose water. Most of the ultraviolet rays can penetrate the sun umbrella to hit the skin, and the ground and water surface will also reflect the ultraviolet rays. The harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body: 1. Immune function declines; 2. Deep damage to genetic factors; 3. Increased incidence of skin cancer and cataracts; 4. Incidence of pigmented carcinoma of the back and hands and feet has increased; 5, cause skin dullness, aging, spots, wrinkles; 6. Increase in solar keratosis in precancerous conditions; 7. Long-term exposure to short-wave ultraviolet rays may cause tooth pain. Lisson——Fashion trendy new and unique cosmetic tube packaging materials supplier. From the perspective of consumers, it focuses on simple and convenient use, pays attention to humanization, has won extensive business cooperation, and has established a good reputation. And we are committed to building a strong industrial platform to incubate and promote more companies to success. While realizing the self-worth of the enterprise, it also realizes the social value of the enterprise and truly realizes symbiosis, sharing and win-win! Lisson is with you this summer. Sunscreen Cream tube is an oval tube package specially designed for summer sun protection. The tube body uses color-changing varnish to grasp the changes in the strength of ultraviolet rays anytime and anywhere so that your summer sun protection is more comprehensive.

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  • Happy New Year 2020

    Happy New Year 2020

    Jan 15, 2020

    To All Customers We will celebrate Chinese New Year since 2020-01-18 and will be back to work at 2020-02-03. If any urgency, please feel free to contact with us by email or phone. We will be always online for you! Lisson Packaging Team.

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  • Bye 2019, Welcome 2020---Lisson Packaging

    Bye 2019, Welcome 2020---Lisson Packaging

    Jan 01, 2020

    To All Partners: Wish You Good Health In the New Year May All Your Wishes Come True! Lisson Packaging Team

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  • COSME Tech 2020 TOKYO - [国際] 化粧品展 COSME TOKYO|化粧品に特化した国際商談

    COSME Tech 2020 TOKYO - [国際] 化粧品展 COSME TOKYO|化粧品に特化した国際商談

    Dec 30, 2019

    SHOW: COSME Tech 2020 TOKYO DATE: Jan 20 (Mon)-22 (Wed), 2020 Address: Makuhari Messe Japan Booth No. 35-18 Website: https://www.cosmetokyo.jp/en-gb.html We are Waiting for Your Lisson Packaging

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  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    Dec 23, 2019

    To All Customers We Wish You a Merry Christmas!!!

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  • Water transfer printing technology for Caps

    Water transfer printing technology for Caps

    Dec 19, 2019

    Water transfer printing technology Water transfer printing technology is a relatively environmentally friendly technology and is currently an efficient printing. It breaks through the limitation of the uneven surface which cannot be printed by the flat printing. The products after Water transfer printing have a high degree of simulation, their added value is doubled, and the production cost is low, which is very popular. Water transfer printing technology is a kind of printing that uses water pressure to hydrolyze the transfer paper / plastic film with color pattern. With the increase of people's requirements for product packaging and decoration, the use of Water transfer printing is becoming more and more widespread. The principle of indirect printing and the perfect printing effect solve the problems of surface decoration of many products. There are two types of Water transfer printing technology, one is the watermark transfer technology, and the other is the water-cover transfer technology. The former mainly completes the transfer of text and photo patterns, while the latter tends to complete the transfer on the entire product surface. Cover transfer technology uses an aqueous film that is easily soluble in water to carry graphics. Because the water-coated film has excellent tension, it is easy to wind around the product surface to form a graphic layer. The product surface is like a spray paint to get a completely different appearance. Be covered on the workpiece, for manufacturers to solve the problem of 3D product printing. Surface coating can also add different patterns on the surface of the product, such as leather, wood, emerald, and marble patterns, etc. At the same time, it can also avoid the vacant positions often found in general layout printing. And in the printing process, since the product surface does not need to be in contact with the printing film, it can avoid damaging the product surface and its integrity. Water transfer printing film with a special chemical treatment is printed on the surface of the water after printing the required color lines. The water pressure is used to uniformly transfer the color lines on the product surface. Automatically dissolve in water. After washing and drying, apply a transparent protective coating. At this time, the product has shown a completely different visual effect. LISSON PACKAGING is a professional cosmetics packaging company integrating hose development, production and sales. New products such as non-vibrating eye cream head, double roller massage head, ball scraping head, various flower-shaped tube and silicone cleansing brush have been introduced. At the same time, we have mastered the cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technology of hose printing, and provide technical support for anti-counterfeiting of finished cosmetics. New and exotic high-end hoses have greatly enhanced the added value of cosmetics brands.

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  • A Letter to All LISSON Packaging Customers---2019

    A Letter to All LISSON Packaging Customers---2019

    Nov 12, 2019

    Dear Friends, Firstly, thanks for your support and trust to LISSON Packaging in 2019, and sincerely wish we will have deeper and closer cooperation in the 2020. As Chinese New Year is coming up, according to factory order queue at present, all the new orders after 25th Nov. 2019 will be arranged and sent out after Spring Festival, many thanks for your understanding. Temporary Stop Production period: 10th Jan – 10th Feb 2020 We will still be on service for you via constant contact: Email, Cell, Whatsapp, Wechat etc, if you have any question, please do feel free to contact us. LISSON Packaging Team wish all your family and friends have a prosperous, happy and healthy 2020. Best Regards, Lisson Packaging Team

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  • New & Special Dual Chamber Tube---Lisson Packaging

    New & Special Dual Chamber Tube---Lisson Packaging

    Nov 06, 2019

    New & Special Dual Chamber Tube---Lisson Packaging With the popularity of skin care and beauty in the public life, cosmetics have become a necessity for everyone. Over the years of development, there are various problems in the cosmetics market. Once the market begins to explode, there will be countless brands, or factories will follow suit, resulting in market products with no new ideas, uniformity and single effect. Faced with this phenomenon, LISSON has revolutionized the development of cosmetics, launched an upgraded version of the Dual Chamber tube, and led Dual Chamber Tube to a new height, helping many factories and agents to differentiate in the market and create a new product for the development of the cosmetics market. s future. In the future, it will turn whimsy into technology at your fingertips and let it all happen. From 1989 to 2009, tube entered China and continued to sprout. In 2006, Dual Chamber Tube was introduced to China by the United States, because technical barriers were not promoted. From 2006 to 2016, LISSON overcomes the difficulties of filling the Dual Chamber Tube and promotes it throughout the country. Since 2018, LISSON has invested RMB 10 million to introduce the world's top Dual Chamber Tube Sealing equipment, and fully spread the sub-manager market. LISSON shocked the creation of Dual Chamber Tube of the world, opened the future of cosmetics packaging materials "NEW", innovative internal and external 2 in 1 tube design, international patented crimping technology to push the 2 in one tube to a new height, empowering the industry to "New" competitiveness Careful pattern opening design, breaking the style of a single limitation, custom-made a variety of patterns, double-tube color with heart, bring a new visual feast, cream, cream, water, milk, all kinds of materials are perfectly compatible, play 1+1> 2 Multi-effects, application in all fields of care, skin care and make-up, simple and yet multi-effect without losing the taste, subversion and dazzling. LISSON Dual Chamber Tube, creation world "New" future

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