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  • Are You Looking for a Brush Packaging for Deep Cleanser

    Are You Looking for a Brush Packaging for Deep Cleanser

    Jul 02, 2020

    Are You Looking for a Brush Packaging for Deep Cleanser Own a beauty and cleaning face is very girls dream, mask, facial cleanser etc cosmetics they buy and use every day. In order to give a solution for our customers and offer best packaging service, Here we go, we launching a new brush massage bottle packaging for deep cleanser. the soft brush adopt medical grade silicone. Bottle is made by high quality HDPE material. The features as below: 1. Medical Grade Silicone, PE, PP material 2. Pure HDPE for bottle 3. Soft and comfortable feeling 4. Massage function, relax ur hands 5. Deep Cleanser We Lisson Packaing is a function packaging design and solution provider, own more than thiousands customers from the world. If you are looking for a stable packaging supplier, we will be your best choise.

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  • The effect of Hand Cream and Protect your hands

    The effect of Hand Cream and Protect your hands

    Jun 10, 2020

    The effect of Hand Cream and Protect your hands Hand cream is a skincare product that can heal and smooth skin cracks and dryness, and can effectively prevent and treat rough and cracked hands in autumn and winter. Frequent use in autumn and winter seasons can make hands' skin more delicate and moisturized. Choose hand creams to avoid choosing products containing spices, pigments, and irritating ingredients. For example, some of them contain lavender oil, which will irritate the skin, especially if you have wounds on the skin, it is not easy to heal. Barbed, peeling and cracked hands are recommended to choose products containing antioxidants, cell communication factors, soothing agents, and also avoid irritating ingredients such as flavors and pigments. The packaging is very important for Hand Cream Products, most of customer like the Octagon Cap Tube for Hand Cream. Hand Protection 1. When purchasing hand-cleaning products, you should pay attention to the ingredients containing vitamin E and vitamin B, and avoid buying products with too strong alkalinity. 2. Before going out during the day, in addition to facial sunscreen, hands should also be coated with SPF sunscreen products to prevent UV damage, sun wrinkles, and dark spots. 3. When you wash dishes and clothes, you should contact with chemical products. Remember to wear gloves first to avoid your hands being injured by the soap of detergent. 4. Do hand exfoliation once a week, use hand-specific scrub supplies to remove the aging cuticles, and let your hands restore smoothness. 5. Use sleep time to strengthen hand nourishment, apply moisturizing hand cream with strong moisturizing power before going to bed, and wear gloves with high air permeability to facilitate absorption. 6. When applying hand cream, it can strengthen and rub the joints of fingers.

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  • How to use eye cream properly

    How to use eye cream properly

    May 20, 2020

    How to use eye cream properly How to use eye cream Use the ring finger to dip the eye cream of the size of mung beans, first tap under the eyelid, the other hand gently pull down the lower eyelid of the eye a little, its main function is to smooth the fine lines of the eye, so that the eye cream penetrates into these fine lines in. Gently massage the inner corners of the eyes, upper eyelids, eye ends, and lower eyelids in a circular motion to fully absorb the skin. Generally massage about 4 ~ 5 circles. Finally, with the ring finger of both hands, gently tap the corresponding eye, especially the part of the eye bag, which helps blood circulation and reduces dark circles. Lisson Packaging combines the instrument with the packaging, and introduces a zinc alloy eye cream tube and a ceramic head eye cream tube to release your hands and double the massage effect. Precautions (1) Eye cream should be applied to the entire skin around the eyes, not just the corners of the eyes The corner of the eye is the most susceptible part of aging, but it is not to say that the earliest part of the eye is the corner of the eye. (2) Eye cream should be used sooner rather than later The eyes are facing the computer for a long time, the eyes are too tired, and they have entered aging in advance, and the eye cream care is easy not too late. (3) Eye cream is not a panacea, it can only alleviate the problem, but not solve it Eye cream cannot solve the problems of aging and wrinkles, but can only delay and condition the existing skin to the ideal state. (4) Eye cream and face cream should not be confused The cream has large molecules and is not easily absorbed by the skin around the eyes, so it cannot replace eye cream, and it should be applied before the cream

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  • New Arrivals: Specia Hair Care Tube with Comb Design

    New Arrivals: Specia Hair Care Tube with Comb Design

    Apr 24, 2020

    New Arrivals: Specia Hair Care Tube with Comb Design Lisson Tube's new Cosmetic Packaing Item: Specia Hair Care Tube with Comb Design has a high-end appearance and can be tailored according to requirements. The unique "Comb Applicator Hair Care Tube" allows users to enjoy comfortable scalp care through the soft comb function head, and can achieve "SPA" for the scalp anytime and anywhere, so that the scalp is carefully cared for. Hair, styling gel, scalp care, single-dye hair coloring and other related products. As a professional Cosmetic Packaging Factory, we launch new item every week and own customers from the world. Right now Eco-friendly PCR Tube, 100% recycable Alumium collapsible Tube, Lip gloss Tube and Container, Skincare Tubes and Body Lotion Tubes.

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  • Mist Spray PET Bottle for Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Mist Spray PET Bottle for Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Apr 09, 2020

    50ml 100ml PET Bottle for Hand Sanitizer Gel Lisson Packaging is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic Tube packaging. Focus on PE tubes, ABL tubes, PBL tubes, Aluminum Collapsed Tube, Eco-friendly PCR Tube. In order to meet customers requirement we launch some PET bottle with Mist spray or fliptop cap for hand sanitizer gel 1.Portable 30ml 50ml mist spray bottle and Fliptop cap bottle. Mist spray bottle is very popular and almost every customers like it. 2.100ml PET Bottle with Mist Spray and Fliptop Cap for Hand Sanitizer. 100ml capacity is gold design for home use. 3.50ml 100ml Oval PET bottle, some customer like these, because it is a little different. We Make a promise to all customers: 1.5-7 days fast delivery 2.Quality Guarantee 3.Gov Order for Large QTY order Support.

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  • UV discoloration, Sunscreen Cream Tube

    UV discoloration, Sunscreen Cream Tube

    Mar 27, 2020

    UV discoloration, more comprehensive sun protection in summer Sun protection is a way to prevent skin tanning, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, pigmentation, and photoaging in summer. Ultraviolet rays can easily make the skin yellow and black, cause pigmentation, increase pigmentation, and easily lose water. Most of the ultraviolet rays can penetrate the sun umbrella to hit the skin, and the ground and water surface will also reflect the ultraviolet rays. The harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body: 1. Immune function declines; 2. Deep damage to genetic factors; 3. Increased incidence of skin cancer and cataracts; 4. Incidence of pigmented carcinoma of the back and hands and feet has increased; 5, cause skin dullness, aging, spots, wrinkles; 6. Increase in solar keratosis in precancerous conditions; 7. Long-term exposure to short-wave ultraviolet rays may cause tooth pain. Lisson——Fashion trendy new and unique cosmetic tube packaging materials supplier. From the perspective of consumers, it focuses on simple and convenient use, pays attention to humanization, has won extensive business cooperation, and has established a good reputation. And we are committed to building a strong industrial platform to incubate and promote more companies to success. While realizing the self-worth of the enterprise, it also realizes the social value of the enterprise and truly realizes symbiosis, sharing and win-win! Lisson is with you this summer. Sunscreen Cream tube is an oval tube package specially designed for summer sun protection. The tube body uses color-changing varnish to grasp the changes in the strength of ultraviolet rays anytime and anywhere so that your summer sun protection is more comprehensive.

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  • Happy New Year 2020

    Happy New Year 2020

    Jan 15, 2020

    To All Customers We will celebrate Chinese New Year since 2020-01-18 and will be back to work at 2020-02-03. If any urgency, please feel free to contact with us by email or phone. We will be always online for you! Lisson Packaging Team.

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  • Bye 2019, Welcome 2020---Lisson Packaging

    Bye 2019, Welcome 2020---Lisson Packaging

    Jan 01, 2020

    To All Partners: Wish You Good Health In the New Year May All Your Wishes Come True! Lisson Packaging Team

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